MarkedsPartner is now the 14th agency in the world – and the only one headquartered in Norway – to rise to the top of HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program, which hosts thousands of HubSpot partners worldwide.

The partner program is an ecosystem of businesses that offer marketing, sales, web design, and CRM implementation services, among others. Partners are agencies and companies around the world that use HubSpot's CRM platform to create growth for their clients.

In total, there are five levels of partnership: partner, gold, platinum, diamond and elite.

How MarkedsPartner became an elite partner in 6 years

"Without a good reputation and customers who want to stay and develop together with us, this would not have been possible," says Tønnes Sannem Heian, CEO of MarkedsPartner AS.

According to Heian it is a solid recognition to everyone in the company who continuously do a great job for the company's clients.

"This is the result of skilled specialists in MarkedsPartner, who have accumulated and developed one of the world's largest portfolios in HubSpot. With both Norwegian and international clients. We have strived to evolve in line with HubSpot's development, which has gone from a marketing solution to supporting the entire customer journey.

Good customer journeys

Good customer journeys are created across the company's customer processes which Heian defines as marketing, sales, customer service and customer relations. HubSpot has proven to be a perfect match for such a holistic view of the customer journey.

"More and more people have noticed HubSpot, and in particular we are seeing a shift in larger businesses. While we previously more often saw clients, who had HubSpot as their first customer data platform, we are now increasingly getting new clients from companies that are already quite digitally savvy. Often, they have already realized the challenges of not having the necessary customer data available to facilitate the customer journeys they need," Heian explains. Which is exactly what HubSpot aims to resolve.

Gained a seat at the HubSpot table in a challenging year

Becoming part of HubSpot's elite partner tier means that MarkedsPartner achieves new benefits on behalf of clients.

"HubSpot has always been good at supporting us, and as an elite partner we will have access to the utmost support they can give their partners. We will also have a stronger voice when it comes to the development of HubSpot by gaining a seat on the Partner Advisory Council and the Product Partner Advisory Council.

MarkedsPartner achieves an elite status despite the difficulties imposed by Covid-19 on business in 2020.

"We are about to leave behind a challenging year in many ways. But we have worked purposefully and therefore successfully acquired new and large clients. Covid-19 has led several companies to realize the need to speed up their own digitization and have contacted us to find good solutions. This has undoubtedly been an important driving factor behind the positive development we have had – especially since September," Tønnes Sannem Heian concludes.

HubSpot is naturally pleased that MarkedsPartner has achieved an elite status.

"MarkedsPartner has been a leading force in the Nordic region since becoming part of our partner program back in 2014. Since then, they have helped their clients to reach their goals by offering expertise on the entire HubSpot platform. On behalf of the entire HubSpot team, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate MarkedsPartner on achieving an elite partner status," says Katie Ng-Mak, VP of HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program.

MarkedsPartner AS

MarkedsPartner currently has nearly 40 employees in business development, digital marketing, communications and sales who help both B2B and B2C clients to increase sales by building better customer journeys. MarkedsPartner has offices in both Oslo and Sarpsborg, and has the highest degree of HubSpot partnership, Elite Partner.