About Us

MarkedsPartner is the largest inbound agency in the Nordic region and a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

Although inbound is at the core of our service offering, our marketing and sales strategists help clients develop and implement holistic digital marketing strategies that include initiatives such as account-based marketing, social selling, e-commerce, and intelligent and targeted advertising in social media.

Our strategists have extensive experience from executive and C-suite positions in both SMBs and large enterprises, some with international experience.

As the market leader in our region, MarkedsPartner invests heavily in thought leadership and is dedicated to attracting top talents that have passion and a strong desire to help our clients achieve success.

MarkedsPartner AS was established in 1997 and had a turnover of approximately NOK 65 million in 2018. The company has a proven financial track record and currently employs 44 people, with offices in Oslo and Sarpsborg, Norway. 

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Please check to consent, so that MarkedsPartner can collect and use information about you and your acitivity in our digital channels to make our marketing more relevant to you. More information here (Norwegian). You can withdraw your consent at any time.